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Anonymous asked: "Excuse whoever said Hook's like Snape, fuck no, he's James no. 2."


I’ll take your word for it! As I’ve said, I haven’t seen Once Upon A Time.

He’s like a mix between Sirius and James, imo.

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Anonymous asked: "how do you know james continued bullying behind lily's back? i hardly think she would be blind enough to not notice him bullying. you seem to be very dismissive of how intelligent and precise lily fucking evans really is. give her some more credit please and thanks"


Sirius confirmed it? And really?

You’re saying if you’re lied to then you’re automatically stupid?

Lily isn’t some all seeing all knowing being.

She’s not Father fucking Christmas.

It’s on page 738 (Order of the Phoenix), Anon.


Anonymous asked: "Lmao, you do realise that the bullying was two sided right? Snape hexed James as well. Let's not forget that. Let's also not forget that Snape was a racist scumbag. Let's also not forget that you're basing all your shit off fanon."


It’s not based off fanon as I used quotes from the book, by your definition Severus being racist then is also fanon.

The bullying was not two sided. It was a huge group of people against one.

The only person to say otherwise was Sirius and we can’t trust anything he says.

Bullying cannot be two-sided……..


So writer question…


I’m working on a Harry Potter fanfic where Snape and Lily have a one night stand, and Lily has a daughter (that James never knows about because she uses a memory charm on him to protect her marriage) and she gives the baby up to Snape (also to protect her marriage to James) because she knows he will love her enough for the both of them. Snape, in order to protect the child from Voldemort and the war, gives her to Dumbledore begging him to never let her know what happened to her mother and who her father was. Dumbledore in turn adopted her to the Weasleys whom he knew would care for he like their own. She was born the year after Harry, and shortly before Lily and James’s death, putting them in the same year.

My question is this:

How do you think Snape would react when he tells his daughter that he is her father? Would he be loving and kind? Or calm and factual? I can’t decide….. message me with your opinions? Please?

Loving and calm. A bit distant, but protective.

Am I the only person who doesn’t like Snape?


Sure he was loyal to Dumbledore but might I remind you his loyalty only came after spying on Dumbledore and causing two innocent people to die and one kid to have a scarred childhood.
He truly loved Lily Evans. Agreed. But he cannot hold any sort of resentment towards James for marrying Lily, especially after Snape had been such a dick to Lily (he called her a Mudblood). His treatment towards Harry was totally unjustified because he held a grudge against James (for no good reason as I’ve said before) and took it out on an innocent child.
To those of you who say Snape was being scrutinised by Death Eaters’ children for his behaviour towards Harry, how do you explain his behaviour towards Neville? He TORMENTED Neville. So much so that he became Neville’s worst fear and not Bellatrix who actually killed his parents.
Also why didn’t Snape show his true allegiance at the Battle of Hogwarts? Why did he not fight the Death Eaters and not fight for Dumbledore’s cause; for Lily Potter’s cause?
So yeah, Snape was loyal to Dumbledore and did love Lily Potter but that DOES NOT change the fact that he was a dick.

I think everyone knows that he was a dick (especially towards Harry and Neville). Yes, even his fans. However, he hated James many years before he married Lily. Who wouldn’t hate the guy who exposed ones pants in public. Yeah, jealousy played a part in his hate for James. As long as someone doesn’t try to destroy the relationship, though, it’s pretty normal and something you can hardly judge.


Am I the only one who ships Snape and Lily more than James and Lily?

No. :3



it infuriates me when people tell me “lifes too short to not forgive people!” like NO lifes too short for me to continually allow abusive and manipulative behavior in my life and live in a constant state of anxiety bc I want to be “nice” or whatever

that’s… not how forgiveness works. i don’t forgive someone for them or to be nice. i forgive them for myself so that bitterness won’t eat away at me. i don’t “forgive and forget” because that’s bullshit. i forgive and move on. forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior and it doesn’t invite them to continue abusing me. it’s important to create boundaries around yourself, but don’t keep that negativity inside either. life’s too short to be bitter. if anything it makes your life shorter.

Hello and welcome to the game “Things Snape - never - did in the books”



Can we all remember that time when Snape mixed black and white clothing during laundry?

Do you remember the time when Snape made all of the children hand over their lunch money because he is totally a child abusing asshole?

Or when he hated Lily for choosing James and called her an ungrateful slut for not sleeping with him instead?

Anonymous asked: "Hi! I have a question. There's this post I've seen going around saying that if Harry had been born a girl then Snape would have treated her like Petyr Baelish treats Sansa Stark. Do you thing that's true?"








Hey nonny! That’s an interesting question… I think it would probably depend on which parent Harry took after. If she had messy black hair and epic quidditch skills, then I don’t think Snape would go all Baelish on her because in his mind she would still be a mini-James. He’d still be a massive dick - as we saw with Hermione, he won’t pull punches just because Harry is a girl. If anything he’d be crueller. He’d probably tell her how much she looks like her dad, but then be sure to point out her physical flaws as often as possible.

If, however, she were a mini-Lily? Definitely full-blown Petyr creeper. He’d probably take a special interest in her potions and call her by her first name just so he could pretend she wasn’t a Potter. He might even accidently call her Lily a couple of times. I can see him hanging around Gimmauld Place more often just to see her, or taking her under his wing in their Occlumency lessons. Given how possessive he was of Lily, it just makes sense that he would see her in her daughter and behave accordingly.  He wouldn’t just accept Dumbledore’s plan to kill her at the right moment - he’d do everything he could to get around it, or maybe even convince her to run away with him.


Are you unaware that Ginny looked like Lily, and he didn’t go and try to diddle her? jfc, you marauderfen get dumber by the day, don’t you?

Why would someone who despises kids, suddenly get a boner over one because she just happens to look like a dead friend? people don’t magically turn into pedos because of one person. They are either born one, or not one at all.

Anyone with half a brain would know that and understand it. 

Yeah but you know that snape haters aren’t known for their brains but only for their bullshit. :-\

Apparently this one is writing a thesis and is a PHD candidate. 


We now have PHD candidates who can’t read or distinguish canon from fanon, or know basic psychology. The world is officially fucked. 

I’m jumping ship.

I call bullshit on that. They can say they are former President Jimmy Carter, and it doesn’t make it true. 

So yeah, OP. What about Ginny Weasley. Other than their eyes. They have the same hair color, the same personality, they are so oh wonderfully skilled, and they are both raging bitches. Based on that, Snape should be all over Ginny. He doesn’t however. 

Very good point. A dude who’s apparently writing a thesis on childrens literature, yet can’t grasp simple concepts or analyze a children’s book? yeah, defiantly bullshit.

I’m not a Snape hater and I’m watching this from the sidelines… but I do have to point out a flaw in your argument: Ginny is a Weasley. Snape has no feelings or attachment for the Weasley family. Snape doesn’t have any good feelings for the Potter family either, but Harry still is Lily’s descendant. So if Harry had been female and looked more like Lily, I wouldn’t say Snape would go full out Peter Baelish, but his attitude might be a little different. You’d be surprised at how appearance changes like that can alter a person’s perceptions.

Regardless though, Snape wouldn’t be on a Baelish level. That makes no sense. But neither does the argument ‘well, he didn’t go after Ginny like that, did he?’

…because Ginny is a Weasley and we know how much importance family names were in the HP world. Especially to Slytherins.

Ginny and Lily share a similiar hair colour (flame red and dark red). We have no idea if they share some facial features. Yeah, and they’re both popular Gryffindor girls… That’s it, imo.

However, I’m 100% certain that Snape wouldn’t be anything like Littlefinger. JKR always said he “loved” Lily, she never called it an obsession.

And do you really think that JKR would’ve written Snape as a paedophile?! I mean, can you really imagine HP with a teacher like that?

I’m certain he would’ve been a bit… nicer, because it would’ve been harder to treat someone - who looks like someone you love - like shit, I imagine.

I really can’t see any parallels between Littlefinger (who’s obviously written as obsessed) and Snape (whose love for Lily is meant to be surprising in a good kind of way), other than them dealing with kids from people they “liked”.

I left the manga and fandom for a few years, but it’s nice to see that I still love NaruSaku like 8 years ago.

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