Allen: It gets dark. I don’t think people will find it as hard to watch this year. It depends what kind of person you are. It’s more of a mental torture than it is physical. It’s daunting as an actor. I have to do more telling of the story with my eyes than with words. I’ve never really done that type before.

"What can you tell us about this season?" (x)

Well, this test says I’m a dothraki. Um…. okay.

Cersei Lannister and Regina Mills

So, on the surface we have two “Evil Queens”, who look great and do, well, immoral stuff. But when you look closer, there are really striking similarities:

(WARNING: the following contains spoilers for all the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books) They both:

- wanted to do something with their life that wasn’t suitable for their role in society

- had a parent who abused and forced them to live up their own expectations

- changed immensely because they had to give up their dreams

- they both resemble their parents in some ways, but want to be “better” than them

- fell in love with someone who was “forbidden” for them

- married a king

- suffered because the king still loved their dead women

- didn’t at first seek out for royal power, but then became addicted to it

- did anything to stay queens, despite the fact that they wanted to do something else with their lives a long time ago

- received a prophecy they hated

- had something like a naive step-daughter/daughter-in-law they hated, but were loved by them in return at some point

- made sure their husbands died

- had fathers who were killed by their own children

- love their children more than anything

- use their sexual attractiveness to make their way

- have a sibling they want dead

- get caught and spend some time in a cell

- wrongly framed young girls to get rid of them

- are very passionate, wrathful and narcisstic

- let people and even children die to proceed

- hold on to their hate, because it’s the one thing that keeps them from drowning

Cersei and Regina are powerful women with strong desires, who were abused and forced into unloved situations. But they reversed the game, used the power and became a part of the system that hurt them.

But it’s not solely the society they live in. Tywin and Cora played a large part in their outcome. Both are very bitter persons and it’s not hard to empathise with their anger, if you dig a bit deeper.


[[I don’t like Snape even after I read the 7th book. My favourite person is Harry and Snape was so mean and terrible to him and I always felt so sorry for Harry and hated Snape as much as Harry did. I just can’t get over this]]

I think it’s very understandable and I really love it when people are so passionate about Harry. He’s often overlooked or labelled as “boring”.

But part of me loves Harry because he’s so forgiving. I don’t think many people have the strenght to forgive something like that… And you certainly don’t have to do it. Sometimes it’s easier when the person is already dead.

I think he related to him (despite many differences) through his mother, the time as an outsider in Hogwarts and their really shitty (probably abusive) homes.

However, for some people it’s important to forgive. It was important for me to forgive someone who was worse than Snape, trust me. Because it helped to heal… It’s, of course, a complete different situation when your hate is directed at a fictional person. It can be very strong too, but it doesn’t affect ones life that much.

Yeah, this got a bit out of hand, sorry. While I don’t know your personal perspective, I’m just a bit bothered by people who are angry at Harry because he forgave him. I don’t think he has forgotten anything. Even JKR doesn’t speak very fondly of Snape. He’s not meant to be a hero in canon… Some fans glorifiy him.

So, this isn’t really directed at the OP.

Anonymous: snakes or bees?

Haha, snakes. ^-^ I love both, though.

make be choose between two things!

Anonymous: Zelena or Hook

Um…. Hook

Because of the thing with Neal and the new promo pics, I can’t choose Zelena. Just - no.

make be choose between two things!


  • two songs
  • two bands
  • two actors
  • two actresses
  • two singers
  • two movies
  • two books
  • two characters
  • two ships
  • two shows
  • two anything

Ramsay Snow being as pink as he possibly can be to prove to his Dad that he’s a real Bolton.